Monday, March 16, 2015

Blog Organization, Part 1: Create Lists

I am super excited for my posts this week, because I am sharing with you how I organize my blog posts, free printables and all! 

This is a system I have used for quite a while that works well for me. I will warn you, although I try really hard, I am not very good at writing my posts weeks in advance. It is not unusual for me to be scrambling the night before to come up with a post, but I am really trying to shy away from that and write all posts on the weekend. 

So with that being said, the first step to organizing my blog posts is Creating Lists.
I don't know about you but I love lists because I love to cross things off once I finish them. It makes me feel much more accomplished when I can see the progress I have made.

I have lists of blog post ideas.
Any time I think of an idea for a post, I jot it down on my master list of blog post ideas. If I'm not home, I'll put it in my "notes" app on my phone or jot it on a sticky note to add to my master list later. 

I have project to-do lists.
I have a never ending list of project ideas that I am always adding to. Keeping a list lets me look at all of my ideas on paper and pick which projects I want to tackle.  

I have blog to-do lists.
This list is a little shorter, but consists of things on the blog that need to be done, usually having to do with my blog design. Updating pages, adding pictures, changing sponsorships, etc. 

With all of these lists, it is no surprise that I like to keep them fun and colorful. I am sharing with you these chevron printables to create your own lists that you won't mind looking at over and over again.

Blog Post Ideas:
(To use, click on the desired picture, right click, and save to your desktop to print)

To-Do Lists:
(To use, click on the desired picture, right click, and save to your desktop to print)

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  1. I have post idea pages in my blog planner, and it helps so much! I feel like I get ideas so often and if I don't write them down, they definitely aren't going to stick around my brain! And I am always writing and re-writing to do lists. They are so helpful! And I feel so accomplished when I cross things off lists!