Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Color Situation

In preparation for my craft show, I need your help! I have gone through and made one of each color scheme to sell at the craft show, but I am having trouble deciding how many to make of each color. Obviously, there are some colors that will be more popular than others, I just need your help figuring out what those colors are!

Please tell me which colors YOU would most likely buy (Top 3, Top 1, whatever you want!)

What Colors Are Your Favorite?
Dark Blue/Green
Dark Blue/Yellow
Dark Blue/Orange
Dark Blue/Red
Dark Blue/White
Dark Blue/Tan
Light Blue/Dark Blue
Light Blue/Green
Light Blue/Yellow
Light Blue/Orange
Light Blue/Red
Light Blue/White
Poll Maker

Thank you for your help! It is greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Recipe Binder Printables

My husband has had Photoshop on his computer for as long as I can remember, and I am just now starting to experiment with it. I have been wanting a recipe binder for a while, but haven't been able to find one that works well for me. With all of the new recipes I am making this Fall, I was in desperate need of some way to save all my favorite recipes. So, I decided to create my very own recipe binder pages, using Photoshop. Here is what I came up with:

I spent so much time on them, that I decided I better show off my work AND let all of you benefit from, too!
So without further ado, I present to you: MY FIRST FREE PRINTABLES!
(To use, click on the desired picture, right click, and save to your desktop to print)

Cover Page and Section Covers:

Recipe Pages:

Now I just need to find some motivation (and time) to hand-write all of my recipes onto these beautiful pages for my binder to be complete!

Does anyone else use a recipe binder? If so, I hope you try out these fun printables!

Happy Cooking!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The EASIEST Guacamole Recipe!

Tonight was Mexican night at casa de Muszynski. While I stood in the kitchen making my favorite guacamole, I decided I should share it with you all. I love guacamole... in fact, it's my favorite part of Mexican night (besides the margaritas!). I have tried many, many recipes in my day, but none of them have ever proven to be better than this simple recipe with only four, yes FOUR, ingredients!

2 ripe avocados
1 package of Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix
Red onion (as much as you'd like)
1 tablespoon of lime juice

Some people may think it's cheating to use a guacamole mix, but I honestly have found nothing as delicious, not even the copy cat Chipotle recipe (sorry, Chipotle!)

I have been using the Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix for quite some time now and love it, but just recently started adding things to it to try to make it even more delicious. 

The first key to this recipe is buying the perfectly ripe avocado. You want them to be as soft as possible, but nothing is more disappointing than cutting open an avocado and realizing its brown (I use this trick when at the grocery store)

I like my guacamole nice and creamy, so cutting the avocado into tiny pieces is a must for me. I then mash it all up with a fork before adding the guacamole mix, onion, and lime juice. Some people like it chunky, but the smoother the better in this house.
I'm also a red onion lover, so I usually put a lot in there, but most people aren't as big of fans, so just add as much as you like! 
And last but certainly not least comes the lime juice, which is the best part of the whole thing. You can try it without if you don't believe me, but you have been warned!

Last tip: Want to keep your guacamole from turning brown?
Stick the pits inside your dip and it will stay fresher longer! (I think the lime juice helps a bit as well)

Enjoy this simple guacamole recipe on your next family Mexican night!
Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ceiling Fan Makeover

Our home has no air conditioning, so in the summertime, ceiling fans are an absolute MUST. Ceiling fans are ugly enough as it is, but the brass and wood ones we got stuck with were hideous! I was looking for a quick, easy and best of all, cheap, project to do last weekend. I thought to myself, why not try to paint these fans to improve the look of our bedrooms? This seemed to be much more financially responsible that buying brand new ones, so I went with it.

I had the hubs do all the dirty work and take apart each light and fan combo. I cleaned all the dust off of each piece, and then the painting began. I used Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze Paint on all the brass, and painted the fan blades using some paint I had left over from my Stenciled Cabinet project.  

Here is the ugly, drab ceiling fan I started with:

And the final product:

The grey matches the room perfectly, and I am so happy with the final result! it took hardly any time at all to complete and only cost me the $5 for the can of spray paint.

It is such a small change to our master bedroom, but it was so worth it to get rid of that ugly brass. 
Next step in improving the master bedroom: white trim!

What do you think? Does anyone else have old brass fans in their bedrooms? Does it bother you as well or am I just a bit neurotic? 

What are some other quick and easy projects that have made a difference in the look of your home? I would love to hear about them and maybe complete a few of them myself!

Happy Hump Day!