Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Gift Card Bouquet

Today I'm sharing a fun birthday gift idea! My co-workers and I always try to go in on a gift together to get each person a special birthday gift. We usually each contribute 5-10 dollars at the most, depending on the total cost of the gift, so it's pretty easy for us all to contribute without breaking the bank. We try to rotate who is in charge of buying and putting the gift together, and it was recently my turn. I decided to make my friend and coworker this fun gift card bouquet to some of her favorite fast food restaurants.

in order to make this, you'll need:
gift bag, tissue paper, wooden skewers, foam block, gift cards, and scotch tape. 

First, I taped the skewers to the back of each gift card. 

Next, I arranged the skewers in the foam block to look like a bouquet.

Then, I stuck the foam block in the gift bag and poured a bag of Reese's (her favorite candy) on top of the foam block. I added some tissue paper to make it look prettier. 

She LOVED it!
Now she has a reason to go out to lunch or stop for a coffee on the way into work.

And, aside from driving to all the restaurants, it took no time at all to put together. Time is a precious thing around here these days, so it was perfect!

Happy Hump Day, friends!


  1. This is such a cute idea! And I very much appreciate that you included a Taco Bell gift card. We love their food!

  2. That's such a smart idea! I love how you can customize it to your needs. :)