Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Second Bridal Shower

Yes, I am a little lot behind, but I once again apologize! Moving, working, planning a wedding, and going back to school makes for a very busy Melanie with no free time to blog :(

Although I am so behind on the times, I still wanted to post some pictures of our second bridal shower. Adam's mom planned a beautiful day for us at Club Venetian in Madison Heights. The tradition in their family is that the groomsmen, fathers, and grandfathers also attend the shower. The entire wedding party was there (minus one) which was awesome, not only because we got to see everyone, but also because yours truly had no heavy lifting to do. The boys placed the gifts on the table in front of us so we could open them and then once opened, they moved them out of the way. They even loaded the car for us, which I was extremely grateful for (Adam got out of this during the first shower because he just haaad to play 18 holes of golf, which took longer than expected). Our adorable flower girl also assisted with opening the gifts.

I am still so overwhelmed with all the wonderful gifts we have been given. I have a brand new house full of brand new things and I feel like I don't deserve any of it. I am extremely grateful for all our wonderful friends and family!

::Adam and I with our Wedding Party::

::Our Families::

::My Bridesmaids::

::Welcoming Everyone::

::Introducing our Wedding Party::

::Our Flower Girl!!::

::The boys working hard::

::...and the girls working hard::

::Opening gifts::

::Something must have been funny?::

::More gifts::

::Everyone started clinking their glasses::

::The girls making me my beautiful bouquet for rehearsal::