Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Basket: Puppy Edition

I hope everyone had a fun-filled Easter yesterday and were able to spend time with close friends and family. It was a beautiful weekend here in Michigan, I just wish I could have enjoyed the weather a bit more than I did. Thank you finals! Yes, I realize I have pretty much been MIA for over a month. Blame school, the second half of this semester is taking every second of my time. But don't worry, after next week, I will have more free time to spend doing what I love: crafting and blogging!

Anyways, I did find some time to make Easter basket's for my puppy and my man. Today, I am sharing the basket I made for my sweet fur baby.

Lucy's Easter basket didn't have much in it, but the milkbones were enough to keep her happy. She needed a new harness since she gained a bit of winter weight, so of course that meant a new leash and collar to match as well. I put the leash in her basket, but the rest was too big to fit. We also bought her some bacon treats, stylish (and scented) poop bags, and filled the rest milkbones. 

Her basket was very small, so I ran out of room quickly. But I also purchased a tug toy and some tennis balls to throw in just in case. 

We waited until Lucy went outside, and then hid her basket in the corner of the living room, thinking she would smell the treats and run to find it. Well, with all the guests, including another dog, she was a bit too distracted. She did dive into the treats immediately once she found it though. 

(Look at how good she got at "leave it"! We never thought the day would come.)

Anybody else make Easter baskets for their pets?
I just can't help it, she is my child.
::crazy dog lady right here::

Happy Easter!