Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rustic Decorative Balls Wrapped with Burlap, Twine, and Drop Cloth

Apparently I've got a thing for decorative foam balls around my house. I've been slowly transitioning my decor in the living room to be more neutral tones so it is easier to move things around throughout my whole house and have them match. I recently read an article from Tiny Sidekick about Creating a Whole Home Color Pallet, and I swear I stumbled upon it at the perfect time. I've been thinking of the what colors I want in my living room a lot lately, and really want to pick colors/neutrals that will go with almost any piece I decide to bring home. I love the idea of a whole home color pallet and hope to use this idea in my home in the future, but for now I'd just be happy to get a great color scheme for the living room.

Anyways, I decided to decorate with more neutral and thought some decorative burlap, twine, and drop cloth wrapped foam balls would be perfect for my bird cage I picked up a while ago at TJ Maxx.

I didn't want any of the decorative balls to look too pretty or preplanned, so I literally just wrapped strips of burlap and twine around the foam balls until they looked well covered and then used sewing pins to complete the wrapping. For the drop cloth covered balls, I cut 8 strips and pinned each strip onto the foam balls strategically so all the foam was covered. You can view a more detailed tutorial here. 

I love the different textures and colors each material adds to the rustic decorative balls, and I think they look pretty great in my awesome bird cage, so it's a win-win.

Happy Thursday!