Friday, May 8, 2015

DIY Diaper Cake

It's hard to believe that up until last week, I had never made a diaper cake.
A coworker is having her second baby (due today!) and we decided to get her a little something for her new addition. I volunteered to make a diaper cake because I always thought it would be fun, and the process didn't prove me wrong.

I made a small, two-tiered cake. I used a total of 26 diapers, 7 diapers for the first tier and 19 diapers for the second tier. 

Here's what to do:

First, roll each diaper and wrap a rubber band around it.

Next, use rubber bands to form each circled tier.
(Again, use 7 diapers for the first tier and 19 for the second tier)

Then, to connect the two tiers, place an empty toilet paper roll around the center diaper in the bottom tier, 

Lastly, slide the center diaper from the top tier onto it as well.

You can repeat these steps with larger tiers to make even bigger diaper cakes.
Since mine was small, I did not use a base to keep it all together, but I probably would have used cardboard on the bottom if I had made the diaper cake any bigger.

Once you have the diaper cake form you desire, all that's left to do is decorate!

HINT: When buying diapers, try to find some that are plain white on either side for a prettier looking cake. I had two different brands of diapers and ended up having to "hide" the designed ones in the center and back of the cake. Oops :) 

Have you made a diaper cake before? 
Did you use the same strategy or did you do something completely different?

Happy Friday!