Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend: A Trip To Mackinaw

WOW! Where in the world did this three day weekend go? We had been looking forward to this weekend for months. I hadn't been to Mackinaw in about 5 years and I was so excited to finally go back. We had a long list of things we wanted to see and do, As the weekend approached and the weather forecast got worse by the day, it was debateable if we would be doing anything other than sitting in my in-laws camper playing cards. Luckily, this wasn't the case. 

We arrived in Mackinaw late Friday night, just in time for the rain to start. It was early to bed for us since we were tired from the drive and a camp fire was not an option. When we woke up Saturday, the rain had still not let up. It proceeded to rain alllll morning. When the rain finally cleared early afternoon, it was so hot and humid I decided it was time for a swim in the lake. That night, we went in to Mackinaw City to do some shopping. We took Lucy and were pleasantly surprised at how many shops she was allowed in. After all of our shopping, we walked down to the bridge to see it all lit up once it got dark.

Sunday morning, we woke up and headed to the island. If I only did one thing the entire weekend, I had my mind set on riding a tandem bike around the island with my husband. And that is just what I did. We also had lunch, walked through the shops, and of course bought fudge while we were there.

When we got back from the island, we went to check out the campgrounds putt-putt course. It was the first time I had seen a course that was just cement. It screwed us both up, but it was a lot of fun.

We made sure to get back in time to watch the sunset. As it turns out, we couldn't actually see the sun, but the color of the sky near the bridge was amazing anyways.

Sunday night, we also finally got our first good night for a camp fire.

Monday morning came very early. By 7am we were on our way to St. Ignace to walk the Mackinaw Bridge. If you have never heard of the Labor Day Mackinaw Bridge Walk, it is the one day a year anyone is allowed to walk on the bridge. They close down one entire side of the bridge for walkers to make the 5 mile trek from the upper peninsula to the lower peninsula. This year, there was an estimated 40,000 people who walked across.

  After crossing the finish line, we headed back to camp to pack up and head home.
The rest of our day consisted of driving in thunderstorms, bathing the dog, and doing laundry. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Our trip to Mackinaw was action packed and it sure flew by, but it was such a fun trip! If you have never been to Mackinaw City or Mackinaw Island, I highly recommend planning a trip next summer (and inviting me). It is such a fun place to visit!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!
Anyone else do anything fun? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip and what a beautiful sunset! We went to Charleston and we loved it!

  2. What a fun Labor Day weekend! It's been several years since I've to Mackinaw, but I'd love to go back soon!