Monday, September 15, 2014

Fire Up Chips!

This past weekend, we got to spend some time at the old stomping grounds, and it was wonderful.

Adam's work was very generous and gave us some free tickets to the CMU football game this past Saturday! It had been a while since we had been to a game, and had talked about how we just had to make time to go to a game this year. I was beyond excited when Adam called me Monday morning and told me he was getting tickets, it felt like it was Christmas! 

We got up very early Saturday morning and headed to Mount Pleasant for tailgating. Although we were somewhat prepared for the chilly weather, I think we all under estimated just how cold, and windy, and cloudy it was Saturday morning. We may have froze our butts off for the first hour or so, but once the sun came out, it was a great day for a football game! 

Unfortunately, the Chippewas didn't really agree. Chips lost, 40-3 against Syracuse. Okay... so they got creamed. Although we were hoping for a win (especially after they beat Purdue!) it was still so much fun to be in Mount Pleasant for a football game!

I even got to see these sweet sisters!

After the game, we headed to the book store for some new CMU apparel. I was like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to buy everything! When I was finally dragged out of the book store, we went to The Cabin. I got my Thunderbird and Cabin Sticks, so I was one happy girl!

Our Sunday was much more uneventful. Adam had some real estate stuff to do. Homework, crocheting, and laundry is what my day looked like.

What fun things did you do this weekend? 

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  1. So fun! I've actually never been to a college football game--and I LOVE football! Too bad they lost!