Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Home Tour

Can you believe Christmas is only 6 days away?!
I think I have finally decorated all that I wanted to decorate, so it's time to show off my masterpiece. I really try to put a little sprinkle of Christmas into each room of the house, because every room deserves a little holiday spirit!

As I'm sure you'll notice throughout the tour, I have a little motto when decorating for Christmas: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY ORNAMENTS! Seriously, If something looks too plain, I just throw some ornaments around and call it good. It has never failed me. Most of my favorite decorations this year are simply ornaments thrown in a vase or stuck in a bowl.

Alright, enough chatter, lets get this tour started!

I showed my Santa initial wreath (here) earlier this week, but felt that it was only fitting to start the tour at the front door. I'll say it again, I love how this turned out!

Next comes the living room. If you are lucky, you will be able to actually get in the door before Lucy plows you over in excitement. Despite the innocent look on her face in the picture, she almost never waits patiently by the window until she is greeted.

So remember when I mentioned that ornaments can be used to decorate anything? Perfect examples right here:

Our kitchen got quite a bit of decoration as well. 

reindeer prolos

I love all the Christmas treats sitting out on the counter, but it is bad news! It makes it so much easier to snatch 1 or 2 (or 7) as you walk by.

And, since we don't have a mantle, I had to get a little creative...

I used garland with lights to set on top of our ledge and put ribbon all around it. I added a few ornaments off the tree for a finishing touch. I eventually want to make new stocking for us as well. Next years project maybe?

The office and guest bedroom just got a simple dash of Christmas.
Up until yesterday, you couldn't even walk in the office. During my organization spree (to prepare for an upcoming paint job) I came across a whole bunch of ribbon strips. I just had to stuff them in mason jars to give this room a little holiday cheer.

The master bedroom got a simple Christmas makeover, but I think it might be one of my favorites. 
(I saved the best two rooms for last).
I enlisted hubby to hang a wreath on the mirror. I then threw some ornaments into our vase and filled mason jars with snow-like jewels. One start ornament for each jar did the trick!

(These mason jars are definitely one of my favorite decorations this year, and cost me nothing to make!)

And lastly, the bathroom. It may seem silly to decorate it, but our guests on Christmas morning will probably all have to use this room at least once, so we might as well make it a little festive!

This globe of ornaments, just like the mason jars above, is another one of my favorite decorations this year!


The shelf above the toilet was my last stop, and it got the largest mason jar of all! (can you tell how much I love them?) I also found these adorable printables from the Homecoming Blog. I thought the filthy animal quote was fitting for the toilet area, hehe. 

Well, there it is. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've done to my house this Christmas season. Maybe I've even inspired a few of you to decorate just a little more. 

Thanks for stopping by our home! Happy Holidays!

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  1. Very festive! I love how you spread it around to every room :)