Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tutorial: St. Patty's Day Rag Wreath

With Valentine's Day over, I figured I'd dive right in to St. Patrick's Day. Here is the next wreath that will be replacing my hearts on the front door!

what you will need:
a wire hanger, fabric, scissors, ribbon

I used five different patterns for this wreath (all from Joann's), but you could use as many or as few as you would like. I purchased half a yard of each fabric, but still had plenty left for another project or two or three.

To start this project, I shaped the wire hanger into a circle and cut off the hook at the top. 

Next, I cut strips of each fabric. My strips were approximately 1 to 1.5 inches wide and 8-9 inches long. I say approximately because I did not measure as I cut because I figured it wouldn't matter for the final product. You may cut your strips any width you desire. If you have more fabrics, you may want them thinner so each one takes up less space.

Once all the work is done, the fun begins! I began tying each strip to the wire hanger until the hanger was full and my wreath was complete! The amount of fabric strips you need will depend on how thin you cut your strips. I also added a ribbon to mine for hanging.

Who else has started thinking about St. Patty's Day decor? Please tell me I'm not the only one...