Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ombre Heart Frame

Crafting is my favorite way to avoid doing any sort of school work. Why study when I can make fun things? So Sunday when I should have been memorizing origins and insertions of muscles in the arm, I decided to make an ombre heart frame instead.

I hopped in the car and ran into Home Depot before they closed. (Note to self: not a good time to go sneak dozens of paint samples, the workers are all watching). I slyly grabbed the few samples that I needed and came home to begin working. My new cricut (that I have hardly been able to find time to use) made this whole project SOO easy. I simply stuck the paint samples in, and out came my beautiful hearts.

I used photo stickers to stick each heart onto white cardstock, grabbed a frame, and BAM! Done! Such a quick, easy, and cheap project to add a little more decor to the house. 

Has anyone else whipped up some quick and easy projects for this Valentine's Day! Man, it sure did sneak up quick this year!