Friday, October 26, 2012

Tutorial: BOO Sign

Here is my BOO sign that has been hanging on my front door for most of October. I have been wanting to post this for quite some time now, but then life happened, so I am just now getting around to it, but I am really happy with the way it turned out! 

What you will need:
Wooden Letters (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge

Start by tracing your letters onto the back of your scrapbook paper and cutting them out.
(and remember to trace the letters backwards too!)

Once your letters are traced, you may choose to paint your letters. I do this to cover the edges and make sure no wood will be visible.

Then comes the Mod Podge. First, put a thin layer directly onto the letters and place the scrapbook paper on top. Once that is completely dry, add a coat of mod podge over the scrapbook paper. You may choose to stop there, but I usually add one more layer just to be safe. 

When everything is completely dry, connect the letters with ribbon and add a loop to the top for hanging. Then all that's left to do is display your creation!

(yes, I know my front porch is looking pretty sad, but check out that cute pumpkin tin!)


  1. I love this! I hope you will link up to my Fall Pinterest Link Up:

    1. thank you so much! I have added it to your link-up! :)