Thursday, February 25, 2016

Master Bedroom Facelift

When we moved into our home, I was very much in love with a gray and dark purple color combination. I should have known I would quickly get sick of it considering our wedding was dark purple, our master bedroom was dark purple and gray, and our bathroom was dark purple and gray. 

We bought espresso furniture, used dark purple curtains, and accented with dark purple pillows. While we chose a lighter purple for the walls, but our bedroom was still so DARK. And for years, I loved it that way. Recently though, I started to dislike walking into the room and seeing how dim and dark the room was. So, I decided to make a few changes.

Here is the room before: 

And here is the room after it got a little face lift:

I got this drastic difference from only making TWO minor changes to the room.

Change #1: Remember those dark purple pillows? I exchanged them for these light blue and light purple ones. I bought these years ago at TJ Maxx in a 2 pack for $20. I always thought they would find a spot on a pretty chair in our home office, but then I never found the perfect chair. The pillows hung out for a few years and one day I just decided to try them in the master bedroom. 

Change #2: I swapped out the dark purple valences for white, semi-sheer curtains. These also came from TJ Maxx, for $20/set. That's only $40 total!

Isn't the difference amazing? And I only had to spend $40 for my new curtains to create this new look! I do plan to add more blue accents to the room and paint the trim white eventually, but for now I am just thrilled at what a difference curtains and pillows can make!

Is there a room in your home that needs a minor face lift?
What are some of your inexpensive tips for a dramatic new look?


  1. Looks great! What a simple change! Almost every room in my house needs a facelift. Lol

    1. Thanks Julie! Hopefully you sell your home quick and can have someone else do the facelifts :)

  2. I had a dark purple on our bedroom walls when we first moved in and repainted it for the same reason. It was just so dark!

    1. Yeah, I decided I love dark purple, it just doesn't belong in a house.

  3. I had a dark purple on our bedroom walls when we first moved in and repainted it for the same reason. It was just so dark!
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