Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Exterior Update with Vinyl Siding

Today I am sharing with you a recent update we completed on the exterior of our home. When we purchased our house three years ago, we knew the front of the house would eventually need to be repainted and we had planned to replace some of the wood siding. We put it off for quite a while, but it became obvious this Spring that the time had come to give the exterior a little update.

We decided to cover the wood with vinyl siding to update the house and avoid repainting in a few years. Since the back and sides of the house already had aluminum siding, we decided to keep them and only side the front of the house. 

The process began with power washing the whole front of the house and removing the shutters and light fixtures. In the process, we uncovered that beautiful black paint that used to cover or home. 

Next, J channels were placed to outline the sides, doors, and windows. 

Once the J channels were in place, Starter strips were used at the garage area and placed at the very bottom of siding. Then, we were able to begin the siding nailing in the siding every 4-5 inches. 

Where the siding meets the gutters, we used finishing strips to finish it off and a snap lock punch too  was used to create lugs (see image below)

Finally, we oohed and ahhed the results with drinks in hand.

What do you think?! Do you love it as much as we do?

Happy Hump Day!