Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY Christmas Stockings

When Adam and I first got our own place, we went with the cheapest everything when it came to Christmas decorations. We found stocking at Walmart for $5, and a matching tree skirt to go with it, so we thought we hit the jackpot.

Fast forward a few years and those ugly stockings had to go! I was determined to make my own stockings last year, but that never happened. So here I am this year with some new stockings I made myself, finally.

Since I made green and red chevron pillows and tree skirt last year, I decided to stay with the chevron theme. I already had the fabric, so this project cost me absolutely nothing.

First, I used our old stockings to trace. I found it easiest to fold the fabric so I could cut out both pieces at once. 

Next, I cut out the fabric for the stocking. Instead of cutting right on the line, I went out about a half an inch to leave room for the seam. This worked out perfectly when it cam time to sew because I could just follow the line I traced.

Next, I sewed the outside edge of the stocking "flap" so there would be a smooth edge. 

With all fabric facing down, I then lined up the flap and stocking to sew the edges together. When you do this, be sure the pieces of your stocking are facing outward so they are correct when you fold them.

With the flap fabric lifted up, fold the stocking so it is lined up and ready for sewing. Sew ONLY the stocking together, following your trace lines. DO NOT SEW THE FLAP. 

Once the stocking portion is sewn, turn the stocking right side out. The flap should now be inside out. Sew the side edges of the flap together.

Lastly, turn the stocking inside out one last time. Attach a piece of ribbon on the top of the stocking. Consider which way you want your stockings to hang when you do this. Then turn the stocking right side out again.

You just made your very own stocking! Woo Hoo!!

My first stocking took me quite a while to make. There were so many things to think about as far as how to sew it and in want order to be able to get the flap to fold down. Confession: I even threw a half completed stocking away because I messed up so bad. 

But once I figured out the process, I whipped up the next one in about 15 minutes.  

Happy Stocking Making!
Can you believe Christmas is just 8 days away?!