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DIY No-Sew Table Runner: Guest Post from New Home, New Name, New Adventure

I am SO excited to have Gennie from New Home, New Name, New Adventure guest blogging today! I just recently found her blog and love reading her posts! When Gennie first told me she wanted to do a guest post about a no-sew table runner, I was pretty pumped, but when she sent me the final pictures, I was even more excited to show her off! If you've followed me for a while, you know I love everything burlap, so this project is right up my alley! So, without further ado, here's Gennie!

Hi everyone! First of all, a huge thanks to Melanie at Melanie Gets Married for letting me take over her blog for the day! It is one of my favorites to read, and she always has the best DIY projects! I'm Gennie, and I blog over at New Home, New Name, New Adventure. My blog is mostly about our adventures after moving to a new state, but I also share recipes and some of the DIY projects I complete, as well. Today, I'm excited to share with you an easy DIY project that will be perfect for the upcoming holidays: a No-Sew Burlap Table Runner.

In order to make this project, you will need: 
1 package of burlap ribbon 5-5.5 inches wide, at least 5 yards (if you can find packages of 2.5 inches wide, that's even better! Just buy at least 10 yards of it instead!), tape measure, hot glue gun, 
& scissors

1. Decide how long you would like the table runner to be. Most table runners hang off each end by 18 inches, but if you only want it to fill most of your table, that's great, too!

2. Measure and cut 6 lengths of ribbon (this should be the length you want for your table plus 4 inches*). Each should measure 2-3 inches wide (if you have the wider ribbon, fold in half and cut in two pieces).

*My runner was 45 inches finished, so I measured 6 lengths of ribbon 49 inches long each.

3. Then, measure and cut around 20+* shorter lengths of ribbon around 2-3 inches wide and as long as you want the runner to be width-wise. 

*Mine was 1 1/2 feet wide, and I only needed around 20 of the length pieces. This will depend on how long you want your table runner to be. Plan on your length in inches divided by 2 to find the total number of pieces to cut, and this should give you a couple extras!

4. Arrange the long strips side-by-side and weave a shorter strip across one end. Place a small amount of glue behind each strip to secure it in place.

5. Continue weaving the shorter strips and glue behind each of the two ends.

6. After all the weaving is completed, make sure it is held securely by hot glue wherever necessary. Trim the edges if necessary.

7. OPTIONAL: Sew a hem around 0.25 inch around the perimeter of the runner. This will prevent it from fraying. You could also fold any edges under and glue them to accomplish this as well, or no-sew hem tape works as well! A friend suggested ironing it, but I like the natural texture, personally. :)

I love the look of it. Very rustic and perfect for a Thanksgiving table setting! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Thanks again to Melanie for having me post today!

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Find Gennie here:

I hope you enjoyed Gennie's post as much as I did! You can find plenty more of her beautiful creations and yummy recipes over at her blog, so make sure to stop by and show her some love!

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