Friday, August 8, 2014

Our Home: Two Years Later

We have officially passed the two year mark of being in our home! We have done a lot of work to our home in the past year, and I'm hoping you can see even more changes in year two than you saw in year one! As we check projects off our ever growing to do list, I fall more in love with this home. After year two, this place is really starting to feel like our own. 

Just like our One Year Home Tour, I will be giving an updated tour of our home for our Two-Year House-iversary. Get ready... this post will be picture overload. You've been warned!

The Living Room:

Still functioning as our main headquarters, the living room has seen a lot of changes this year. We added that bench I have been dreaming about, and some lighter curtains to brighten the room up a bit. Instead of building an entertainment center, I painted the one we already have until I decide exactly what I want. We also moved the matching chair to the corner of our living room for added seating. I originally wanted to make a collage of keys, but changed my mind. Instead, I made a collage of the letter M and I can't wait to keep adding to it. As far as the keys go, I got a big one to place over our sliding door. And if that wasn't enough change for one year, you can see the evolution of our living room pillows here.

The size, the colors, the furniture, the decor. All of these things make this room such a comfortable place to relax, blog, and binge watch netflix.

Living Room Projects:
Burlap Heart-Bench Makeover-TV Stand Makeover-Ruffled Curtains-Wine Cork Burst-Monogram Frame-DIY Pillow Sleeves

The Dinette and Kitchen:

Two big changes have occurred in the kitchen/dinette in the last year. First, we finally got a new stove! My boss was going to sell it on Craig's List, but instead, he gave us a great deal on it! I mean it's no stainless steel or anything, but it functions and looks much better than our last one. And second, we got a new kitchen table! It came from my grandma's house and it matched our cupboards much better than our old one.

On the list of to-do's in this room is still a tiled back splash... eventually. I've also been considering foregoing the wine decor and decorating with bright blues and greens.

The Master Bedroom:

I'm still loving the master bedroom! It hasn't changed much in the last year. We added a side table on Adam's side of the bed(from the old den) so he could have a lamp and I added some new decor on the dressers. We also painted the ceiling fan to match a little better. 

I would LOVE to stencil one entire wall in this room! I'm also considering putting a bench at the edge of the bed. 

Master Bedroom Projects:

The Guest Bedroom:

The guest room is still the same old guest room it's been since we moved in. The most excitement this room has seen is new curtains, which came from the living room. We have a house guest for the month of August, and after that I plan to change things up quite a bit in here. I haven't decided what I'll do in here, but I'm hoping to not have to paint. As of now, I'm thinking yellow, grey, and light blue.  But until September (at least), nothing too exciting here!

Guest Room Projects:

The Home Office:

The home office is the most recently updated room in our home! In case you missed it, I did the big Home Office Reveal a few weeks ago, and followed it up with a Home Office Details post to share where I purchased everything and the approximate cost of the makeover. Everything in this room is new to our home in the last year. 

Home Office Projects:

The Main Bathroom:

I switched up a little bit of the decor in our main bathroom, making this room a little more fun. Some candles, storage canisters, and vases go a long way if you ask me! This room needs a fresh coat of paint, a new mirror, new light fixtures, and some fancy hardware and I think it will be good to go!

Bathroom Projects:
Towel Rack-Mirror

The Hallway:

The hallway shelving hasn't changed much either. I am still loving the frames, but have started to switch out some of the wedding pictures for more recent pictures. 

Hallway Reveal

Laundry Room:

Here's your first look at our laundry room! We lucked out and ended up with a house that has first floor laundry, yay! Right off the kitchen, we love having our laundry right here. I would like to repaint the laundry room (and connecting half bath) a lighter color, add a shelf between the washer/dryer and the cupboards, and hang some fun decor. I scored this rug at TJ Maxx recently and think it's the perfect addition so far.

The Front Yard:

I think it is simply amazing how great our grass looks this year, and at the beginning of August at that! We haven't done too much to our front yard, but we did cut down a large pine tree that was at the corner of our house. This year, we continued the rock to fill the dirt pile that was left after the pine tree, and we think it made a huge improvement! Eventually we'll continue all the way down the side of the house with plants, but for now that's all our budget would allow. I also planted flowers this year, which has been so much fun and added quite a bit of color to our yard.

In the near future, we really want need to replace the garage door and repaint the whole house. 

The Back Yard:

Sometimes I look at this backyard and I am amazed that it is the same one we started with two years ago. The lawn was an absolute disaster, the pine trees were all the way to the ground. The steps to get out of the house were half cement, and half un-sturdy wood. We put up the fence, redid the patio, and planted a garden. This year, we were even able to mulch and landscape a little bit! I love being in our backyard! Of course there are still changes/improvements that I want to make back here, but for now it is just perfect!

Backyard Projects:
Adirondack Chairs-Bush Removal-Fence-Landscaping-Garden-Hammock

While we made all kinds of changes this year, the biggest expense we put into our house (not pictured) is our brand new furnace! That's right, our furnace died on us the weekend of Super Bowl Sunday, which if anyone remembers was in fact the coldest weekend of the year! At that point, we knew we needed a new furnace, and we were ready to splurge. Although this was not a fun purchase, we did get air conditioning out of the deal so we can't complain too much.

And that, my friends, concludes our home tour after year two! I am still amazed at the progress we make each year with this house! With our never ending to-do list, I am sure this house will keep us busy again this year. So stick around for even more DIY projects,home improvements, and room makeovers!

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  1. You made so many great changes this year, girl! I love it. Your home office is GORGEOUS!


  2. Everything is looking so good! I love how you're doing a year one, year two home tour to see how your tastes change.

    Seriously the whole time reading this I'm like yup, that's me, not being able to decide what I want to do in each room. All the rooms are looking great so far and I'm loving the front and back yard, it looks so nice!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Your house looks great!!! We will have been in our house for two years at the end of this month too. Your yard (front and back) looks great!!!

  4. Your house looks wonderful and comfortable. I love the dressers in the guest room and the floating shelves in the hallway. It's obvious you have worked hard on your home. Thank you for sharing on the Merry Monday linky party. Pinned! :) ~Stacy

  5. SO gorgeous!! I love everything. I pinned the hallway shelves -- that's brilliant! I really want to do that in my hallway. Thank you for such great peeks into your home process :) Congrats and great job on all your hard work. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

  6. I am jealous of your decor skills! :P

  7. I love your cute little rambler! I grew up in a rambler and they are one of my favorite style homes. Love the bench under the window in your family room and great use of wall space in the hall. And your office! Gorgeous!
    Found you at the Blogger's Digest!

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    House on the Way

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    xox, Crystelle

  11. Your house is so pretty and I love your pillows and sewing table! Pinned

  12. SO ADORABLE! i love your home office and all the little details in your home!!

  13. Thanks Alexa! The home office is by far my favorite room in the house as well. Be sure to stop by some time to see the closet inside the office I'll be sharing soon!