Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pillow Talk

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned how I have changed my pillows more often than appropriate in the past year? Well, today I thought I'd show you pictures to prove it. 

July 2012-April 2013: When we first moved in, I used these pillows in our living room, mostly because we had used them in our apartment before moving, and also because I still really liked them. Eventually though, I was ready for something new. 

April 2013: I had always dreamed of having a grey, light blue, and yellow room in my house. When I saw this fabric online (not in stock), I just had to have it! I made these pillow covers with some of the fabric to start the transformation of my living room to the grey, blue, and yellow I had always wanted. Somewhere along the way, I decided to save the color scheme for my basement, whenever we get around to finishing that, and moved the pillows downstairs. I think it was the brown couches that just didn't go with it as much as I had hoped.

August 2013: Next, I decided on navy blue, yellow, and pink for my colors. It was summer, and the brighter my pillows the better. I found three fabrics that I absolutely loved, and decided to run with it. I loved the fabric on the bench cushion, along with the polka dot and chevron pillows. However, once it turned to fall, I ditched the colorful bench cover and suddenly the pillows just didn't "fit." I just used the navy blue chevron pillows for a while during a "transition period"

December 2013: Christmas was on it's way, so it was a great way to fill the "transition period" void until I figured out what I wanted in my new pillows. I made red and green pillows, along with these beautiful gold and white Christmas pillows (view post here) Can you tell I'm just a wee bit obsessed with chevron? 

January 2014: I once again pulled out the navy blue pillow covers and added some yellow chevron pillows to it (are you seeing a trend here?). I liked this combo as well, but something was still missing. I eventually decided that something was light blue. 

February 2014: Which brings us to the current state of my living room pillows, navy blue and light blue. So far, I love it! I am hoping this combo sticks around for a while. I might ever throw in the pink polka dot pillows to make things more interesting this spring. We'll see!

So what do you guys think, is there such thing as changing around living room pillows a bit too much? After this post, I may be questioning myself a bit. 

On another note, which pillow combination is your favorite? 


  1. I need to learn how to make pillow covers, because I would love to be able to change ours up like this! I'm hoping to get some new pillow covers for out living soon...I love chevron too :)

  2. I think pillows are an excellent way to change up your look without having to buy another piece of furniture or make/buy sofa covers! I have some that I got at Ikea on sale that I'm keeping for next fall/winter. Kudos to you for your darling transformations!