Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY Falling Snowflakes Garland

I mentioned in my previous post on how to decorate your home after Christmas that I made Falling Snowflakes Garland to finish my Winter Vignette. I made mine about 2 feet long to hang over my mirror, but it would also look great 5-6 feet long covering a whole wall.

in order to make this, you'll need:
wooden dowel, fishing line, paper snowflakes, white fluff balls, hot glue gun, large needle

I punched out a bunch of snowflakes using white and light gray card stock. Then, I randomly placed snowflakes and fluff balls on the fishing line. I hot glued the fishing line in between two paper snowflakes. To attach the fluff ball, I used a large needle to string them on and used a small amount of hot glue to keep the balls in place. Making sure each was of varying heights, I then ties each string onto the wooden dowel for hanging. 

To hang the falling snowflakes garland onto my mirror, I simply placed the dowel between the frame and the wall. 

These would also be great to make year round! 
Red and blue stars for Fourth of July
Easter Eggs
Falling Leaves
The list goes on and on!