Sunday, June 16, 2013

Candy Bar Bouquet: Fathers Day Edition

My dad loves candy. In fact, he always has a "secret stash" of chocolaty goodness hidden in the house so he can have it all to himself. We eventually find his stash and when we do, he finds a new spot to hide all his candy. 

This Father's Day, I had a hard time deciding what to get my dad. I always get my mom flowers for Mother's Day, and thought it would be so nice if I could do the same for Dad. I settled for a candy bar bouquet, which I can assure you he enjoyed it much more than a bouquet of flowers. 

This would be a fun gift for anyone on any occasion, and so simple to make too!

I just used a foam block wrapped with tissue paper for the bottom and stuck it in the gift bag. I taped the candy bars to the skewers then stuck them in the foam block. The most difficult part was making sure the weight was distributed evenly to keep it from falling over. 

The finished product:

My dad loved it!

Now I just hope he shares with his favorite daughter...

What are some creative Father's Day gift ideas you have made in the past? 
I always have such a hard time thinking of something creative for my dad. Does anyone else have this problem?

By the way, only two more weeks of classes for me, so I hope to be back to regularly posting again soon!

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  1. Love this idea! My dad always has a stash of mini Reese's in the freezer ;)