Monday, April 29, 2013

Fence Fest!

Ladies and Gentleman, WE HAVE A FENCE!

This weekend was Fence Fest, in other words we put up a fence. You see, we put "fest" at the end of anything requiring our parents help to get them excited to help with work at our house. Fence fest, paint fest, tree fest. Well, they are starting to get the hint. We are thinking of changing from "fest" to "palooza" to fool them again. Patio Palooza anyone?

Anyways, back to Fence Fest. We started off on Saturday and planned to finish Saturday, but that didn't end up happening. Whoever said we could finish in a day lied. This was definitely a two day job, but well worth it when we finished! 

We have been wanting to put up a fence since we moved in, but after getting Lucy we set the ball in motion a little sooner than we otherwise would have.
(Warning: There are a lot of pictures in this post)

We enlisted our families to help get the job done. It was a beautiful two days to work in the yard and we tried to have as much fun as possible. Adam even strengthened his knee as he wobbled around. And although no one will admit it, I think everyone may have even enjoyed themselves a little bit. 

Once Lucy was allowed off the leash, she didn't know what to do with herself. Every time I threw a ball across the yard, she would hesitate when she got to the edge of her usual leashed area. When she finally realized she could venture out around the whole yard, we could not get her to come inside! Even in the rain, she fell asleep under the overhang until we forced her to come in.

Adam couldn't wait to be able to take this picture: 
"Well, you know Tim..."

Once the fence was up, we barbecued followed by a nap lounging on the couch and watching Last Man Standing.

Did anyone else take advantage of this gorgeous weekend to get some work done outdoors?

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  1. WOW Looks great. You have a huge fun for Lucy!!