Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Vignette

After taking down all the Christmas decor, the buffet was looking bare. I went with a winter theme, and planned to add to it throughout the month. Well, we decided to take on the task of painting the kitchen, living room, and hallway instead (more on that later), so unfortunately the vignette decor was not a priority this month.

I had all of this stuff lying around the house, with the exception of the printable.

I made the fancy tulle lights for my Christmas vignette and decided they would also look great for winter, creating the illusion of snow. I bought the snowflake gems from Pier1 last year. Love them!
I also picked up this candle at TJ Maxx. I have no idea what scent it is, but it is my absolute favorite. I don't even have to light the candle to smell the fresh snowy goodness throughout the house. I have discovered that it smells very similar to Yankee Candle's Frosty Air. 

I found the baby, it's cold outside printable at Over The Big Moon. The hurricane vases were wedding centerpieces, I find every possible excuse to reuse them! I threw some snowflake candle charms (also from Yankee Candle) on them and filled them with white gems. 

I actually ended up really liking the simplicity of this vignette, but I will be excited to stop singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" randomly throughout the house.

Does anyone else decorate for winter before digging out the Valentine's decorations, or is it just me?

Happy Snow Day! (for Michigan anyways...)