Sunday, September 9, 2012

Popcorn Wedding Favors

Although the wedding is over, I still have a lot of details I would like to share with you, starting with the favors. We originally wanted to bring in a popcorn popper so everyone could have fresh popcorn, but our reception site was not going to let that happen. Instead, we settled for microwave popcorn as our favors, but of course, if you know me, you know I had to make them look cute and fit in with our theme. Here is what I came up with:

Adam designed the logo that said "Thanks for popping in!" while I did all the cutting. 

We cut and tied ribbon to make the bows.

Then the gluing began....

When all the gluing was FINALLY finished, we wrapped the paper around each bag of popcorn, and voila!
Popcorn Wedding Favors!!

I love the way they turned out!! We alternated them by seat at the reception, and it turned out great. It added a little color to the tables, and was more unique than the typical chocolates or mints. We had cake and a dessert bar at the reception, so no one really needed any more sweets anyways. And at the end of the night, all the college students were collecting the extras to take back to school with them. 

Did anyone else have a unique wedding favor for their guests? 
I would love to hear about it!


  1. Hello Melanie,

    I was looking at doing customized popcorn and ordering them custom is almost $2.79/each (Crazy!), so I looked at large custom sticker labels and those are $1-$2 an individual label (depending on where you purchase) so I am really liking how yours turned out.

    May I ask how much you spent on supplies total and how much it worked out per piece? Also, what adhesive did you use?

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Per piece, I would say we spent about 75 cents. That includes all the paper, the ink to print, the ribbon, and the popcorn. The only other expense that is not figured in is the glue, because I don't remember exactly how much glue we went through. But I just used a glue stick for all the gluing of paper, hot glued the ribbon, and used scotch tape to tape it together on the back.

      All of our supplies was bought at hobby lobby on sale for 50% off. We printed everything using our regular printer and plain old printer paper. In total, we probably spent around $150 for the 200 favors.we made.

      I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, let me know. Good Luck!

  2. What kind of paper did you use??? It looks really long..I am having a baby shower and wanted to have favors that are like this but say Thanks for POPping by Amber & Zacch's Baby Shower. My theme is ready to pop :) Any help would be greatly appreciated or if you recall the measurements you used that would be great too. We are estimating over 100 ppl to be there so I am thinking this would be the cheap but cute enough! Thanks again :)
    Sincerely, Amber

    1. I love that idea!

      I just used 12x12 scrapbook paper and cut it in half, so it ended up being 12inx6in. I believe the logo part was 3inx4in. Aside from all the gluing, it was a very simple project!

      Have fun and let me know how it turns out!

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