Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ever since we sent out the invitations, the response cards have been coming back like crazy! I always manage to be at my parent's house when the mailman comes because I am so excited each day to see everyone's responses. And I LOVE when people take the time to write little messages about how excited they are or how beautiful the invitations are, even though the response cards ended up being hard to write on. It makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas!... until the days I open the mailbox and there are none, talk about disappointment!

At any rate, I am extremely excited and it makes me happy to know other people are excited too! I just hope I don't need to make too many phone calls regarding attendance and meals come August 3rd when responses are due.

The next time I receive a wedding invitation, I will send that baby back in immediately so I don't torture them. 

What do you do when receiving a wedding invitation?
a. respond immediately
b. wait it out a bit (my meal is an important decision!)
c. nothing, they call me eventually.

The correct answer is A, but I can understand if you answer B. Answer C is unacceptable, just saying :P