Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tutorial: Card Box Complete!

I had very little homework to do this weekend, so I put my time to good use elsewhere... wedding details of course! I have had all the supplies to make my card box for a while now, but I just finally got around to making it. And boy am I ever glad I did. This is probably my favorite wedding project so far. I absolutely loveeee the way it turned out! See for yourself:

In case any of you are looking for how to make your own DIY cardbox, here is a tutorial on how I made it. It was very simple. simple = fun.

Two circular storage bins of varying sizes
(I found mine at hobby lobby and used 40% off coupons)
Small Frame
16 gauge jewelry wire
Hot Glue Gun
Utility Knife


Now comes the fun part! Carefully cut the boxes with your utility knife. There is a total of 3 holes you will need to make for your two-tiered card box: 1.) top of large bin 2.) bottom of small bin 3.) top of small bin.

Your first cut should be rather large, on the top of the largest bin (or your bottom tier). The size you cut will depend on how big your bins are, but make sure that the hole is small enough that the top bin will cover it. 

For the second cut, you will use the same size hole as you did for the first cut, but this cut will be in the bottom of your smaller bin.

And your last cut will be a slot in the top of your smaller bin for people to insert their cards. Make sure this slot is large enough that any size card will fit in it.

Using your hot glue gun, start gluing the pieces together! To make things easier, I would suggest gluing the top of the larger bin and the bottom of the smaller bin together first. I did not do this, but wished that I had once I was trying to get them together.

Next, glue the top and bottom of the larger bin together.

I glued the top of the smaller bin to the rest of the card box once I finished decorating it, but you can choose to do this whenever. I found it easier to add the ribbon in the slot when I was able to access the underside of the top.

I started with hot gluing my purple ribbon along the bottom edges of both tiers. Then, I added the ribbon around the opening slot. (Once that is done, you can glue the top on)

I decided to use my leftover ribbon to make flowers for a little extra something.

And then came my big idea, and my absolute favorite part of this whole thing. The frame saying "Cards" was kind of an after thought, and I am so glad I decided to do it!

Card Frame
First, I formed the word "Cards" with wire, then used ribbon as the background and stuck them both in a black frame. 

I hot glued the frame on top for the finishing touch!

Can you tell by my vast amount of pictures how much I love it?

This project inspired a few more DIY details, so check back for more wedding day fun!

Happy Tuesday!