Sunday, April 29, 2012

Melanie Goes Garage Saling

This weekend was the Freeland Walleye Festival near my hometown. The best part about the festival is the garage sales, every other house seems to have one! Yesterday, my mom and I headed out there in search of.... CANDLESTICKS!

We saw all kinds of interesting things, including a house selling everything from makeup to vitamins, saws to "as seen on TV" products. I think a hoarder lived in that house. There were also garages filled with adorable baby clothes (hard to resist) and some neat furniture. I really wish I knew how to refinish and paint furniture.  Houses were also serving popcorn, brats, and even homemade tamales.

Throughout the day, I managed to find a few good things. 

I found some fabulous tall candlesticks, and a few short ones as well. I've got big plans for these babies, but you'll have to wait until a later date to find out what it is. 

I love the frames I found as well. I may be repainting them to match our wedding decor, but I don't think I can ruin this beautiful white one with black paint. 

I even managed to find some $2 dri-fit shirts for the fiance at the hoarders house!

Needless to say, I was pretty happy with my purchases. Only seven more tall candlesticks to track down!

Has anyone else been hitting up the sales now that garage sale season is getting started? What kind of good finds have you come across?