Monday, April 22, 2013

Make Your Own Pillow Covers

I have been wanting to learn how to sew forever, and yesterday I finally learned pretended to know what I was doing. I headed over to my parents for a sewing lesson from my mom. It was pretty much the blind leading the blind while we set up the machine, but at least she knew the bobbin from the foot. Eventually, we figured it out and made these fabulous pillow covers.

These pillow covers were the first step in decorating our basement. I decided before we bought our house that I wanted a grey, blue, and yellow basement. I saw this fabric online, purchased it months ago, and it has been sitting in a closet ever since (yes, i even procrastinate on projects). Well, today I pulled the fabric out and decided to make something of it. Our basement pillows went from DRAB to FAB in just a few easy steps!

I am telling you, these are so easy! If I can make them and learn to sew on the same day, you can definitely make them! So grab your sewing machine and get some old pillows and fabric. You will not be sorry you made these!

what you'll need:
fabric, old pillows, sewing machine

FIRST: Make the front cover. Measure your pillow and cut it out based on the exact width and length.

SECOND: Make your two back flaps. Take the length of your pillow and add one inch, then divide in half. Finally, add 3 inches to each flap for overlap. The height will be the same as in step 1.
example: my pillow measured 22inx22in. For the length, I used the original length (22in.), divided by 2 (11in), and  added 3 inches(14in). My two back flaps measured 14in x 22in.

THIRD: Sew a seam on one longer side of each back flap. I folded the seam twice to create a smooth seam and found it easiest to iron the seam flat before folding.

FOURTH: Pin the back panels and front panel together so the pillow cover looks inside out (all fabric facing inward). Then, sew all four edges of the pillow cover.

FIFTH: Flip the fabric right side out and insert your pillow. Admire for hours and enjoy!

(view from the back)

Here is what the new pillow covers look like in our basement. While they don't get match the couch, it is a step in the right color scheme direction!

Since these were such a success, I can't wait to cover all my old drab pillows with fun new fabrics. The best part... I can make pillows that match my holiday decor as well!

Has anyone made holiday pillow covers before or is that going a bit too far? 
Who is going to try this now? 


  1. I have got to learn to sew on my sewing machine. You make this look so easy!

    1. It really is simple! I have made so many pillow covers this way! After I made these, I made six pillows in my living room, and then did six more during Christmas! It is so fun switching out pillow covers depending on the time of year!