Monday, February 9, 2015

Pink and Gold Valentine's Vignette

Today I am finally sharing my Valentine's Vignette! I haven't always been a fan of gold, but just recently I have become very fond of it. Because of my new found love for gold, I decided to use pink and gold to create my vignette.  

The best part about this vignette? I spent next to nothing to make it! I purchased pink felt for the heart, and some gold spray paint, everything else I had on hand. 

I used the back side of my chevron heart door hanger and felt flowers to create the pink felt flower heart. I had the gold chevron ribbon from a previous project as well: my gold ribbon wreath. The frame I hung around it came from Adam's grandma's house.
 Fun fact: This frame used to hang in his grandma's bedroom with a paint by numbers of a naked woman inside of it. I never really understood why his grandma had it, but the frame is just beautiful. You may be wondering where the painting is now. My sweet husband has it hanging proudly in his workshop.

When unpacking my Valentine's decorations, I came across the"XOXO" letters. They were painted red for a project I never completed, so I spray painted them gold and glued them onto a white canvas I had laying around.

 Also inside the box of Valentine's day stuff were these pink rosette balls made of tissue paper streamers. I made the quite a few years back, probably when we were still in our Midland apartment.
 I spray painted some leftover candlesticks from our wedding centerpieces gold to set each rosette ball on. 

 The framed ombre heart art was a project I completed a few years ago. I swapped out the silver frame for a gold frame (from goodwill) to keep with the color scheme.

Lastly, the ceramics may also look familiar to you. I borrowed them from our home office. Sneaky, I know!

So as you can see, you don't need to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful vignette or mantel for your home during the holidays. Shop around your home first to see what you can come up with, and only buy what is absolutely necessary. 

What are some of your strategies for saving money while decorating? 


  1. I love all of it!! I'll take one of everything please :)

  2. Such a really cute idea. I love the XOXO plaque.

  3. Super cute! I saw you on Laura's side bar and had to say Hi! I am from Michigan too, currently living in Atlanta but all my fam is still there. Miss the Mitten!

  4. I love this so much!! It is gorgeous!! You do such a great job at switching the vignette up every season and using stuff you have on hand! I need to take tips. :)

  5. What a pretty Valentine's vignette. Every detail is perfect!

  6. I love this! The pink and gold is so pretty together! Definitely an inspiration for my decor next year :)

  7. Such a cute vignette! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!