Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Home Tour: 2014

Welcome to my long overdue, ever changing 2014 Fall Home Tour!

I'm not sure why, but I always struggle with decorating for fall. Although it's my favorite time of year, I never feel like my fall decorations measure up to what I had in my head. Christmas is so easy to decorate for because you just throw ornaments into every bowl, vase, and canister in the house. But shouldn't fall be the exact same only substituting ornaments for pumpkins? 

Despite my difficulties, I am finally satisfied enough to show off my fall-ified home. 

When decorating the living room, I tried to keep all the blue and just add pieces of orange where ever possible. I started with the orange pillows and just continued from there. 

I always love to bust out some of our fall photos during this time of year. These two have been used for the past few years: one of our engagement photos and Lucy as a puppy laying in the leaves.

Next up, I made my fall vignette, trying to stick to using mainly orange. 

CONFESSION: DIYer fail, I didn't actually make anything included in the vignette (besides the printable), but what can I say? School has been keeping me crazy busy! I did get creative and fill some vases with popcorn kernels and a fall scented candle, though, doesn't that count? 

For the dinette, I decided to use gold instead of orange. I really like how all of this came together. The shelf, ampersand and vases were all things I had in the house and I just added the garland and mason jars to make it look more complete.

I was hoping to crochet an orange blanket to use during the fall as well, but there are just not enough hours in the day. I guess there's always next year!  

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Happy Friday!!


  1. I think it's gorgeous! I wish mine was as cute! :) Good job!

  2. So cute! I especially love the "fall in love" printable!

  3. Everything looks so cute, good work girl!

  4. I really love this fall home tour! How did you make the heart shaped piece on your wall? What is the heart made out of? It looks really cool! And, also is that a spiky wine cork on your shelf?! Do you have a post for how you made that? I really love printables and I should have used one this fall, love the fall in love printable! Your home is gorgeous!

  5. Love your fall decor! Your living room is so festive and cozy! I love that little crate you have holding your gords. I needed something like to hold mine this year.

  6. Gorgeous, Melanie! I love the little pops of orange you incorporated into the room, but I think my favorite is the ribbon banner - so fun! Thank you so much for linking up to the Merry Monday Link Party!

  7. I don't decorate much for fall, but I love to see what other people do! Very nice! #turnituptuesday

  8. SO cute! I love those fall touches, girl! Your home is just adorable.


  9. Your house looks gorgeous. Thanks for linking up on my blog for Motivational Monday. I hope you will link up again.

  10. Looking good! I hope you will link it up at the Found & Foraged Linky Party! Hope to see you there

  11. Looking good! I hope you will link it up at the Found & Foraged Linky Party! Hope to see you there!