Monday, August 26, 2013

Celebrating One Year!

Well, I'm sure by now everyone is getting a bit bored with me talking about our anniversary! I promise this is the last post you will have to read...until next year anyways.

So how did we celebrate our one year of marriage you may ask? We dumped the dog at the grandparents and headed to Tawas for a wonderful three days of camping! But before that, we made a pit stop in Augres at my favorite winery (the only one I've ever been to I might add).

We arrived to our campsite shortly after 5:00 and managed to set up camp in only 45 minutes! We're becoming pros at this whole camping thing! 

Once camp was set, we went to Bikini's, a fun outdoor bar and restaurant right on the beach. We spent the evening downtown and walking the pier. It was beautiful. 

Friday morning, we decided to take a canoe trip down the Au Sable River since neither of us had canoed in years. We had a blast and practically had the whole river to ourselves! 

After our canoe trip, we headed back to the campground, filled up our plastic mugs with adult beverages and went on the.longest.walk along the beach. 

We made dinner over the fire, and watched the sunset on the beach. We even snuck wine glasses and a bottle of wine along with us. Rebels, I know.

There is absolutely nothing better then a Michigan sunset on the beach. 

Saturday, our actual anniversary, we were reunited with our fur baby. Adam's parents took us out for a celebratory dinner, and we spent the rest of the evening repainting some furniture.

Sunday, our last day of 
celebrating, we woke up early and took Lucy to the riverwalk in Bay City while we patiently waited to get our anniversary cake. We made dinner at home and used the china for the second time since the wedding. We finished off the night watching our wedding videos and eating delicious lemon cake! 

It was the perfect extended weekend to celebrate our anniversary, and my last weekend of sanity. Grad school starts back up tomorrow, and I am in no way prepared for it!

Okay, now I promise, no more anniversary talk until next year! 

Happy Monday!