Monday, November 19, 2012

Our House!

So it has just recently occurred to me that I never got around to posting pictures of our new home when we moved in! It is a three bedroom ranch with one full and two half baths. The basement is wide open which means endless possibilities for decorating :)

These pictures are before we crammed all of our stuff into the house, but I will update you as we decorate and make each room our own... starting with the master bedroom tomorrow!

This is the living room. As you can see, it is the first room you see when walking in the front door. The large window looks out into our front yard. Can you see that giant maple tree out there? It is by far one of my favorite parts of the yard. It also made raking leaves quite enjoyable this Fall.

The kitchen/dinette is one of my favorite parts of the house. The cabinets look brand new, and are extremely tall. There is also another section of cabinets on the other wall, next to the fridge. I also love the tiled floor and large sliding door looking out into the backyard. Of course I can't wait to get a new stove, as well as paint the walls! 

These next two pictures show our laundry room and powder room just off the kitchen. We are loving the upstairs laundry, but are already planning to make this space a mud room down the road.

This is the Master Bedroom! Holy dark walls right?! Don't worry, we painted this room immediately. Although you can't tell in these pictures, my favorite part of the room is the closet! It's HUGE.

The Guest Bedroom ended up matching our old comforter perfectly, so it will probably be one of the last rooms we work on. It has been great having guests and actually being able to give them their own space instead of a futon.

The den (third bedroom) has become our "catch-all room." It is in need of some MAJOR organizing!! I do love the color though...

The full bathroom is GREAT! It has a large closet between the sink and the toilet which is sooo convenient for storing all of our bathroom stuff. I also love the tile around the sink, but can't wait to replace the ugly mirror and lights!

That concludes our empty home tour! I have some big ideas for the place, including "built-in" basement shelving, a gallery wall, mud room, a closet craft area, fake mantle, and more. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our Master Bedroom Reveal!