Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Wedding Day: Ceremony

The ceremony went smoothly. I stood waiting in my bridal room with my parents as Adam, his parents, and the rest of the bridal party headed down the aisle. I was soooo excited to make my grand entrance and let Adam finally see me in my wedding dress. My dad stepped out first, giving my flower girl the go ahead, and then me and my mom stepped out. I remember standing at the back of the church, all eyes on me, waiting to walk down the aisle. I watched Adam's reaction for a bit, and then headed down the aisle, grinning from ear to ear.

Adam, of course, was in tears the moment he saw me. As we hugged our parents and headed to the altar, our priests had to give him a few moments to calm down (and no one believed me when i said he was going to bawl like a baby). I was lucky enough to have my uncle marry us, along side the priest at our church. I think it made the day a little more personal.

The ceremony went be so incredibly fast, quickest catholic mass ever (at least it seemed like it to us anyways!) Before we knew it we were kissing and making our way back down the aisle. We chose to do a never-ending receiving line with our parents while the bridal party passed out bubbles. I am so glad we chose to do the wedding bubbles. It was such a fun way to exit the church!

Of course we headed right back in to get formal family pictures, and then we headed outside to get pictures of our entire bridal party, as well as some of just Adam and I. Once those were finished, we hopped in the limo and headed to the reception.