Thursday, July 9, 2015

DIY Bottle Garden Markers {and my vegetable garden}

When I planted my garden this year, I knew I wanted some bright garden markers. I began scouring Pinterest to find something fun to make. I found some brightly painted stir sticks, some wine bottle labels, those adorable engraved spoons, and so much more.
I wasn't set on any one of those, but I liked the paint sticks and the wine bottle ideas the best. Since I don't normally have 10 empty wine bottles lying around (despite the contents of my recycling bin currently), I decided to use beer bottles instead. 

After removing the labels, I spray painted each one a different color. I made the label by cutting out vinyl with my Cricut. Once I stuck all the vinyl lettering on the bottles, they were ready for the garden.

So what's in my garden you ask?
This year, we decided to switch things up a bit from last year.
+We ended up with sooo many tomatoes last year, so we decided to go from 6 plants to 4 tomato plants this year.
+We also had plenty of cucumbers last year, so we stayed with our 2 cucumber plants.
+I most certainly did not feel like we had enough peppers last year, so this year we have 4 green pepper plants and 4 jalapeno pepper plants.
+We decided to give our onions another chance this year, because I was certain it was gardener trouble lastyear. I think we planted upwards of 12 onion bulbs this year, instead of buying an onion plant.
+ We decided to try strawberries this year, and so far they are doing pretty well. I had heard not to expect any berries in the first year, but so far we have one red berry and a handful more starting to grow. We planted 3 strawberry plants.
+ Adam really wanted to try growing sweet corn this year, so we planted 3 corn stalks. So far, we have at least past the test, because our stalks were knee high by the 4th of July!
+ I couldn't do without my cilantro and parsley to use in my guacamole and salsa, so we have those growing as well. Last year, I had all kinds of cilantro at the beginning of the summer, but as I cut it, the remaining plant started to brown. I haven't had the guts to cut it yet, but ti sure is growing like crazy. Any tips to prevent this from happening again?

Well, there you have it, our 2015 Vegetable Garden! Everything has really started to take off in the last week, and I can't wait to be picking veggies from my own back yard soon enough :)