Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wood Plank Coffee Table

I had been wanting to switch out our coffee table for a while. There was nothing wrong with the coffee table we had, I was just ready for a change and envisioned something that matched both our entertainment center and our bench.

Since I am always terrified of ruining our furniture when doing a makeover. I always try to makeover our older pieces, or pieces people have given us (usually those hanging around in the basement). So when I decided to do a coffee table makeover, it's no surprise that I used the basement's coffee table and put the other one in its place.

This coffee table was still in pretty good shape as well, it just wasn't really my style. While plain and do-able for a basement, I wanted to create something amazing for the living room. 

what you will need:
paint of your choice
wood stain and poyurethane
wood glue

Our first step was to lightly sanded the top of the coffee table to ensure the wood glue would stick properly and then I painted the bottom. I used Folk Art's Chalk Paint in White Adirondack, as well as their Clear Wax. I ended up needing two coats of the chalk paint before waxing. 

While I was painting, I enlisted my husband to cut the 1x4's to a length that just fit over the coffee table. He sanded all the edges and curved them a little bit for me as well. Once he was down, I stained all the wood. 

Once everything was dry, we used very generous amounts of wood glue to put the planks in place. We also used my school books and some weights to hold all the planks down while the glue dried. We waited to put the polyurethane on until the glue had dried and we could remove the books and weights without shifting the planks. Another 24 hours for the polyurethane to dry, and our wood plank coffee table was complete!

I think that it really does tie in well to the rest of the living room, it matches the TV stand and bench nicely as well. Now that I've made the coffee table, I want to make some end tables to match! In fact, the matching end tables for the coffee table are in my basement too!

Now if I could just figure out that funky corner where the shelf is, we'd be all set!

Happy Hump Day, friends!

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  1. I love this! Our coffee table was a hand-me-down and I am not a fan of it at all, and this would be the perfect solution for it! Thank you for linking up at The Wednesday Roundup! I'm pinning this and sharing it on my social media accounts!

  2. That's really cute! I love the shape of this table!

  3. This is beautiful! I love the white on the bottom with the color of stain you chose. It fits perfectly into the room!

  4. I love this!! I've been wanting to do a wood plank top to our cheap Ikea coffee table for a while now. Yours turned out so great!

  5. I love your table. It looks amazing! Thanks for linking up to Inspiration Monday. I am happily sharing your table on my FB page tomorrow afternoon. :)

  6. What a huge difference - hard to believe it is the same table! It looks so nice in your room.... a bit of rustic look combined with natural looking comfort... .very nice. :)

  7. Wow, that table is gorgeous! It really brightens up the room. Nice job!

  8. I love the look of the planks the table looks amazing now - Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.

  9. Love the contrast of the white and wood together. I'm looking for something similar for our living room. Thanks for linking up to The DIYers!

  10. Looks so nice! Love planks on tables!

  11. This turned out so beautiful! I never thought to add simple wooden planks to change the look of a coffee table! I'm featuring your post at our Motivational Monday link party! Thanks for linking up with us!

  12. Nice table transformation. I love the look of raw stained wood against painted wood. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  13. I love your makeover and I think I might do something similar with my coffee table. Thanks for the idea!
    Greetings, Ronja Lotte

  14. 'Thank you for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, your post was beyond Worthy and you have been Featured!

  15. I just popped over from Burlap and Babies to tell you have incredibly brilliant this looks. I love how well the rustic, and the polished married together. Way to go.

    Sarah @ Backwoods Babies