Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Home: One Year Later

It is hard to believe, but we have been in our home for a year now! I wish someone would have told us before how crazy we were to move into a new home one month before our wedding day. It took us months to finally settle in to our home and to this day, I still have boxes that are waiting to be unpacked. 

Despite the craziness of our first year living here, we have managed to change things up a bit as well. In honor of our one year house-iversary, I decided to give you a little tour of all the things we have (or have not) changed in the past year. Here goes nothing...

The Living Room: 

The living room is our main headquarters, it is where we spend our most time. Whether its relaxing, entertaining, or studying, most likely it is occurring in this room. Depending on the season, this is also usually the most decorated part of the house, but at the moment its looking a little plain jane. 

The most we have done in this room is paint the walls, hang curtains, and throw some things on the walls. I have big ideas for this room though, including a big bench under the window, homemade entertainment center and shelving, new curtains, and a wall of keys. Yes keys, I love them and I don't know why. I blame Hobby Lobby.

The Kitchen and Dinette:

The kitchen and dining area is another commonly used area in our home... obviously. This room has also required little work, only painting the walls and adding our own personal touches. We also hung some blinds for the sliding glass door when the sun gets crazy, or when the dog won't stop barking at things in the yard. We used these a lot more before we put up our fence, but they are still very nice to have.

The kitchen needs a new stove very badly. We usually have to use a lighter to get the front two burners to light. I also have big ideas of a tiled backsplash one day. Other than that, I would love to add some more wine decor. 

The Hallway:

I love the shelves of pictures at the end of our hallway! It is a great way to display a bunch of fun pictures all in one place. We made the shelves ourselves, and it is so convenient to be able to move the frames around if we want to. Right now it is full of wedding pictures, but we hope to one day have a mixture of pictures of our parents, grandparents, puppy, and of course children. 
This is definitely the spot in our house that gets the most compliments.

The Master Bedroom

Ahh, the master bedroom: also known as my favorite room in our house. This was the first room we painted, and we did it on our own. It was the first time I had ever painted, and I was convinced I was going to mess it up. I think a part of the reason I love this room so much is because it was the first room we were able to put together on our own. Immediately after the wedding, we painted, purchased all new furniture, redid the closet, and picked out all the decor. It is the only room in the house that is truly all of our own things, and not hand-me-downs from family members. While we really appreciate all the furniture that has been given to us,  it was nice being able to pick out our own things as well. 

The Guest Bedroom:

We have done absolutely nothing with this room except throw some furniture and decor in this room. And to be honest, that's all we plan to do for a while. This bedroom just happened to match our old comforter, and the bedroom set from the apartment doesn't look too terrible either. We actually slept in this room for the first two months or so that we lived here while we were waiting to paint the master and have furniture delivered. 

The Main Bathroom:

Our bathroom is a very awkward shape, as you can see in the pictures. However, it has a rather large area near the sink for getting ready, and there's a closet to store towels, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials. We haven't done much work in here either, just simply decorating thus far. And see that candle holder on the shelf there, that was the centerpiece at half the tables at our wedding. Talk about reusing things wherever possible.


The basement got the most use a few weeks ago when temps were in the 90's every.single.day! We do not have air, so this basement was our saving grace. The basement is mostly used for storage and working out, but it is also a nice place to relax when we want to. You can usually find Adam down here playing his XBox, but he somehow managed to convince me to let him move it upstairs after his knee surgery. 


We have also done quite a bit of work on the outside of our house. We have cut down and taken out trees, trimmed up some large pine trees, redid the patio and built a small deck. Our biggest outdoor project thus far was putting up a fence for our spoiled puppy. It just felt cruel tying her up on a leash when we have such a big yard for her to run in. Not going to lie though, we love having a bit more privacy as well.

Rooms not shown: The den/third bedroom (it's a mess), 2 half bathrooms, and the laundry room.

Well that concludes the tour of our home after one year. It is crazy to think of all the things we have done, even though it seems as though there is a never ending list of things we want to do. We'll get to all those things eventually, since we do plan to be here for a while.


  1. Looks good! I wish we had dome before and after pictures with our house.

  2. Great job! Everything looks great! It's taken us over 2 years and we're still trying to get things done :) Hopefully we'll get to see it in person sometime!