Friday, January 15, 2016

Basketweave Crochet Baby Blanket

Ever since my best friend told me she was pregnant, I knew I wanted to crochet her a baby blanket. They decided from the start that they were not going to find out the gender, so I went with a gender neutral mint green color. I purchased the yarn months ago and set out to find the perfect blanket pattern. I knew I didn't want to do a typical pattern that looks the same as every other pattern out there, I wanted something unique! After months of searching, I came across this pattern from Little Monkeys Crochet of her Basketweave Throw Pillow. I knew instantly that this would be the perfect pattern  for a baby blanket. 

Since I wanted the blanket to be larger, I had to modify the pattern a little bit. To add to this pattern, start by chaining to desired width in multiples of 4 and then and 1 chain. (example: 27x4= 108, 108+1=109). For the full pattern, head on over to Little Monkeys Crochet.

I love how my blanket turned out! And it was a pretty simple pattern as well.
I think baby blankets will be my new go-to shower gift, a new pattern every time!

What are some of your favorite baby blanket patterns?


  1. What a beautiful blanket! I love the basket weave! I want to learn to crochet so bad!! Some day! ;)

  2. So pretty! I love that pattern! I've never tried to do a basket weave pattern, but since you said it was pretty easy, I'll have to try it!