Monday, May 5, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Lazy days at home with my husband and puppy.

2. Lucy kisses... and snuggles, and her soft furry ears.

3. Wine

4. Candles- I just bought 5 new ones from B&BW, on top of the collection I have in the closet.

5. Mexican food- any and all of it. Give me some guacamole, chips and salsa, enchiladas, tacos, beans, mexican rice, and best of all... MARGARITAS!

6. Netflix marathons, my current addictions are Gossip Girl and Revolution

7. Getting lost in a good book

8. Boat rides

9. Walking the beach

10. Fabric- all different colors and patterns.

11. Nail polish- specifically bright colors

12. Hobby Lobby- I could spend hours in that store

13. Freshly washed sheets

14. $1 new releases- Family Video has a special going, $1 for five nights.

15. Thunderstorms

16. Sunshine

17. Running- I'm no good at it, but that feeling you get when you are finished... totally worth it.

18. Flowers blooming

19. Organization- I have been cleaning out closets and it feels so good.

20. Weddings

21. The first snowfall of the year

22. Evening walks with my husband and dog

23. Spray paint- it is amazing how quickly it can transform just about anything.

24. Holidays, specifically Christmas and Fourth of July

25. Yoga pants

26. Taco Bell

27. Getting mail

28. Phone calls from far away friends

29. Popcorn on the stove

30. Taking pictures

31. The thought of having a baby- someday, as in a few years from now

32. Blogging- writing posts, making new friends, and gaining new followers