Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Home Office Wall Collage

Today, I am excited to share with you the collage I recently put up in my office! Instead of pictures of me and my people, I decided to put up a collage of fun printables, chalkboard art, and so,e of my arts and crafts projects. I think the hubby was a little offended that the wall wouldn't be covered in pictures of him, but he'll get over it. 

I started my collage by laying out my frames on the floor to see the layout I wanted. I didn't realize all my pictures either had a really dark background, or completely white, until I had them sprawled out on the floor. I had to take the colors of each piece into consideration when hanging them as well because I didn't wNt one side to be all dark backgrounds and one side to be all white. Or one side to be all blue and another to be purple. My goodness, who knew wall collages took so much thought? Aren't they just supposed to be frames thrown on the wall in no particular order or fashion? Maybe I just put too much thought into it! 

I'm sure you've all seen this simple way of hanging collages, but I'll share it here anyways. I cut paper to fit each frame and used painters tape to stick each one to the wall, making sure it was level and all equally spaced. Then, I had Adam hammer some nails into the wall right above each piece of paper while I hung the frames. 

I was so excited with how it all turned out! Slowly but surely, I'm getting ready to share with you guys the full home office makeover.

"The Days We'll Never Forget" Personalized Print- I made it myself
Lucy Chevron Print- I made it myself

Happy Wednesday-- only 2 more days til I'm on SPRiNG BReaK!


  1. I really like the wording of your "love dates" wall art. I've seen others before, but your wording is a first for me -- like it!!

  2. Super cute collage! I love the print you made with all of the dates on it...I might have to try to make one myself :)

  3. I absolutely love this! It's always nice to have something different thrown into the mix!! Well done girl!