Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Resolutions: 2013

I realize I am a little behind with my New Year's Resolutions (a whole ten days), but I am just now getting around to making them. Between finals week, our honeymoon, and Christmas celebrations, I didn't have much time to put any thought into what I wanted to accomplish in 2013. Well, now that the new year is here, I have come up with ten wonderful resolutions. I am not saying they will be easy, but I am excited to get them started! I am hoping that by telling all of you, I will be more motivated to stick to it, and I will have you guys to help keep me on track.

Resolution #1: Create a Budget and STICK TO IT!

This is a big one, one that I want to do, but also one that I NEED to do. Between house payments, car payments, groceries, bills, and student loans, it is safe to say we never have much extra money laying around. And I know I don't help matters when I buy things for the house that I know we don't necessarily need, or go out to lunch when I know I have a fridge full of food at home. So, my goal for 2013 is to spend as little as possible, and put more money into savings to better our future.

Resolution #2: Read At Least One Book Every Month

This is the one I am most looking forward to! I have a never ending list of must-read books and I would love to put a dent in it! There is nothing like curling up with a good book and getting lost in the story and actually feeling the emotions of the characters. The problem is that between school, work, and the business of life in general, I am lucky if I find time to read. I am hoping things will be different this year, because I am moving it farther up on my to-do list.

Resolution #3: Attend Church On A Regular Basis

This is one of those "easier said than done" resolutions. Ever since college, I have been quite a slacker in the church department. While my religion is important to me, I seem to always find something better to do on Sunday mornings. I know that sounds terrible, but it's just the way it has been for quite some time. I truly want to attend church, it just sometimes slips my minds. So this year, I need to ask myself every Friday, "When will I attend church this weekend?" I need to plan it in my weekend and stick to it!

Resolution #4: Exercise At Least Three Times A Week

My problem is never starting a workout routine and becoming addicted, my problem is sticking to it even through the busy weeks. The month of December was a bad month for me in terms of eating what I wanted and when I wanted. When I stepped on the scale shortly after Christmas, I almost cried, and decided that NOW is the time to get fit and exercise as much as possible. We recently dipped into our savings to purchase a treadmill, and so far I am trying to use it everyday. With the convenience of having a means to exercise (while watching TV) just a flight of stairs away, I think I will be motivated to do it more often.

Resolution #5: Cook More Meals At Home

It is so much easier to stop at subway on the way home from work, or throw a lean cuisine into the microwave to save some time, but that takes a toll on your body and your wallet. I see about a gazillion yummy recipes on pinterest everyday, but hardly ever make them. I need to say no to the temptations of going out to eat on the weekends and grabbing something quick and easy during the week. I am perfectly capable of making tasty, healthy, and inexpensive meals for the hubby and me, to make our wallet, scale, and taste buds happy.

Resolution #6: Make Sure Lucy Gets Walked Every Day

Walking our puppy was so much easier when the weather was nice and it wasn't dark until 8 o'clock at night. With shorter and colder days, I hate to say that we have been the worst puppy parents ever when it comes to walking our furry, four-legged child. We can blame our busy schedules, but the fact is we COULD find time to walk Lucy if we really wanted to. We do not have a fenced in backyard, so the only opportunity Lucy gets to run around is when we walk her to the baseball fields, and it isn't fair to her if we skip out on it.

Resolution #7: Get Organized and Stay Organized

A place for everything and everything in it's place. I want to know where everything is in my house at all times. I want to have all my receipts neatly filed away so if I need to return something, I know exactly where to find it. I want to have labels and bins in all of my closets keeping things neat and tidy. I want to know where I am suppose to be and when. I want to know when my homework is due so assignments don't sneak up on me and cause me stress. I want to live an organized life with lists and schedules and label makers.

Resolution #8: Be More Punctual

I used to be the kind of girl who was early for everything. I must have gotten tired of waiting my life away, because I am no longer that person, not even close. I wouldn't consider myself a late person, but I am usually the one racing into work right as the clock turns to 8:00 (maybe 8:01) or strolling into class right as the teacher begins talking. I am always leaving the house and praying there is no traffic. Most days, this works for me, but some days I get stopped by every light or can't find a parking spot. On these days, I always say to myself, "if only you didn't hit the snooze button, if only you didn't play with the dog, or if only you grabbed a special-k bar for breakfast instead of cereal." I need to start living by a previous boss' philosophy "To be early is to be on time; to be on time is to be late; and to be late is unacceptable." I have always agreed with this statement, but find myself making excuses for myself far too often.

Resolution #9: Drink More Water

I drink a fairly decent amount of water now, but I know I could be trying harder to cut all sugary drinks from my diet. I need to eliminate options such as pop, juice, and wine and stick to: tap water, flavored water, and sparkling water. Seems easy enough...

Resolution #10: Be a More Dedicated Blogger

My final resolution is to put in more time on my blog. I have been so terrible with it lately, and I miss it. I have so many things I mean to post about, and then never get around to it. I want to be posting things daily to attract more followers, more comments, and overall more FUN!

Well, there you have it... My Ten New Year's Resolutions for 2013. Any tips and tricks you can give to help me stick to these would be greatly appreciated! Some of these things will be easier than others, but I am ready for the challenge. BRING IT ON 2013!

What resolutions have you made? Are you sticking to them? How do you keep yourself motivated?

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